An integrated phone solution for your campaign.

We've partnered with CallFire to provide robodials, SMS broadcasts, IVR polls, live agent calls & more!
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Blast voice messages, notifications or reminders to target audiences, whether it's a few or thousands.

IVR Polls

Conduct polls, collect survey responses, gather event RSVPs and more. Use a drag-and-drop menu or XML to create flows.

Text Message Broadcasts

Great for alerting your audience with timely news and updates.

Live Calls

Use your volunteers or live agents to make predictive-dialed calls that engage your voters while saving time and money. Gather results in real-time.

Getting creative with IVR

IVR systems can be applied both for inbound and outbound messaging. Either way, our IVR system is easy to use and streamlines your communications.


  • Send automated surveys and polls to voters, volunteers and donors to collect and manage data for your campaign or organization. Political polling messaging services include candidate preference polls, issue-voting polls or even calls to action!
  • Event reminders or breaking news can be set up to alert recipients or collect vital information in a short amount of time.


  • Route your incoming calls to the appropriate staffer or answering service, saving time and money.

Campaign Phones

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Want to call your voters and contacts all at once?

Voice Broadcast gives users the opportunity to deliver personalized voice messages by phone.

Use Voice Broadcast to send important alerts, promotions, updates, and notifications to voters, contacts, donors and more. It’s an easy and cost-effective way to reach more people in less time. It’s simple to set up and adds a personal touch to your communications using your candidate’s own voice or any other voice of your choosing.

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Upload your data

First we'll upload your lists and configure the data to your preferences.


Select your audience

Our platform allows you to run simple to complex queries to ensure you're targeting only the precise audience you want to engage.


Engage and get results

Real-time tracking and robust analytics allow you to receive your call results instantly and pivot if necessary.

Competitive Pricing

Through our partnership with CallFire, we get some of the best rates in the industry. You only pay per connected minute.

Unlimited Contacts

Load up your lists and set up as many calls as you want.

Call Tracking

Purchase local and toll free numbers from our database to use on advertisements and track the effectiveness of each campaign.

Live Agents Available

We have a cloud-based call center with professional live agents who are ready to make calls anytime.

Do Not Call

A simple "Do Not Call" list set up ensures you're maximizing impact and reduces negative responses.

Custom Notifications

Create custom alerts that will notify you via email or mobile device immediately.

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